One of the main reasons Dr. Kennedy got into healthcare was his personal frustration with doctors when he went to see them with injuries. Most doctors have little experience with sports and athletics and because of this, their goto is to have the athlete stop playing/practicing for 3-4 weeks, take these medications and come back and see me after.  We feel we can do better.

Besides having extensive knowledge of many sports and serving athletes in his community and nationwide throughout his career, Dr. Kennedy has experience rehabilitate athletes in nearly every sport commonly practiced in the U.S.A..

Our goals is not to sideline you, because we know firsthand the effect of this is sometimes worse than the injury itself. Rather we try to gain an understanding of why you were hurt in the first place by analyzing your movement patterns and inherent strengths, weaknesses and imbalances. From there, we can often formulate a rehabilitative plan for you to implement immediately and get back to doing the things you love, as quickly as possible.

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