Regenerative medicine is an exciting and burgeoning field of healthcare. While it can encompass many things, regenerative medicine is often considered to be understanding why and how tissues breakdown and intervening to either prevent the break down or counter it.
Our main aspects of regenerative medicine are hormone replacement therapies and prolotherapies.

Hormone replacement therapies focuses on monitoring a patient’s hormonal levels and intervening, only when necessary, to maintain healthy hormone levels which keep our patients feeling their best, as long as possible. Healthy hormonal levels not only help patients look and feel better but have also long been associated with positive health outcomes and decrease in the occurrence of many common diseases.

Prolotherapy is using various injectables (sugar water, platelet rich plasma, stem cells, etc) to help stimulate the natural repair process. Prolotherapy is different from commonly used steroid injections in that, prolotherapy helps the area rebuild stronger, while steroids have been shown to degrade tissues long term. There are times in which steroids are a superior option and times when prolotherapies are best; all of which can be discussed on an individual basis depending on your situation and personal health history.

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