Car accidents, falls and work place injuries can be a scary and confusing occurrence for many people. Most people only end up being in a car crash once or twice in their life, nowhere near often enough to have a handle on the situation.

Many people often feel beat up and think, like in situations in the past when they’ve pushed themselves too hard, that they will get better in a few days to a week. When your symptoms last longer than a week, know that it’s time to seek help.

Traumatic injury is different from overuse in that it is marked by tissue damage. When we fall or a few thousand pounds of metal collide with another few thousand pounds, the soft tissues in our body instantly exceed their pressure limits and tear, rupture or herniate.

We specialize in helping patients recover from injury. We offer spinal manipulation, rehab exercises and soft tissue therapies to help support the body’s natural repair process, safeguard against further injury while healing and strengthen the quality of the replacement tissue that is created. All in the name of helping you recover to the fullest extent possible.

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