Did You Earn That Meal?

A Word on Genetic-Predispositions.

Today’s blog proposes a new fad diet. While most don’t aspire to be something as transient as a fad, I’d be happy to get the world to consider and even attempt this “diet” for as little as a month. Somebody call Dr. Oz for me, things are about to get serious.

The next time you eat, while you’re choking down your paleo platter or taking your last bite of salad, I want you to consider one thing: How easy was it for you to get that meal? Did you have to go to the grocery store, purchase a few items and throw them together on an electric stovetop? Were you fortunate enough to sit yourself down at a table in an air-conditioned restaurant and have your choice of meal served to you? Or did you take the truly easiest route and phone in an order that was delivered to you within 30 or so minutes?

By now I think you starting to smell what I’m cooking. It is incredibly easy for us to eat nowadays. Progress you say, right? Well if you consider contributing to obesity progress, then yes, spot on!

I largely agree with the paleo diet movement. Human physiology changes over generations and centuries. There is no way our bodies could possibly keep up with the speed and “innovation” by which manufactured foods are created and served en masse. BUT as much as I agree with the dietary concept, I also feel they’re missing the boat regarding the overall lifestyle concept.

If you’re going to ‘live paleo”, let’s add another element. Our ancestors never had the luxury of pulling food out of a refrigerator or using a grille. Every single meal they consumed was earned via hunting, fire building, transporting water, foraging, plucking, cooking, fishing, chasing, well; you get my point.

Now I’m not suggesting you go out and start trapping squirrels in your backyard to up your protein intake, but what I am suggesting is that you EARN, every single thing you consume. Every time you decide you’re going to eat something (water not included) you perform some sort of menial activity to “earn” that food. Eggs for breakfast? You should at least stretch and perform 100 jumping jacks. Mid-day banana? Gimme 5 squats and 10 pull ups.  Want lunch? Jog around the block once to deserve it. Again…you get my point.

Our biochemistry is ordered in a manner that food is our reward for physical activity. If you remove physical activity from the equation, weight gain won’t be far behind.

Overall the concept is meant to increase your activity levels. It’s not straining and is safe enough that it should be done every day of the week (including “rest” days) and easy enough that you should be able to complete a task without getting your work clothes sweaty.

Start with a task that is so easy, you would berate yourself for not doing it before eating. From there, work your way up. Eventually, depending on what you put into the program, you will inevitably become more fit. I say inevitably because while people start and stop exercise programs all the time, people never stop eating, ever.

So my challenge to you, start earning your meals. It will redefine your appreciation for food and eating clean, increase your fitness level, boost your metabolism, clean up your biochemical food processor (stomach/pancreas/liver/kidneys), make you look better naked and earn you new friends on facebook.

Disclaimer: I knowingly made a few omissions regarding physiology and biochemical science simply to increase readability. That said, I openly welcome questions and discussion regarding this blog on my Facebook page:


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